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GRIT Cookbook Package: Lard, Comfort Food Cookbook, Bread

GRIT Cookbook Package: Lard, Comfort Food Cookbook, Bread

The Grit Cookbook Package includes: Lard, Comfort Food Cookbook, and Bread. All of these cookbooks contain recipes that have been collected from the archives of long-running country lifestyle magazine Grit (as well as sister publication Mother Earth News). You’ll never have to ask the question, “What should we have for dinner?” again, thanks to the hundreds of recipes compiled into these three cookbooks. Whether you’re wanting to make homemade bread, craving the comfort of homemade soup, or wanting to branch out and use new ingredients, these cookbooks have you covered.

From Lard: Cooking with Your Grandmother’s Secret ingredient, you will learn all the best recipes for cooking with lard, such as Spanish Cornbread, Fried Okra Rhubarb Dumplings, and more!

If you’re craving good old-fashioned comfort food, all you have to do crack open the Comfort Food Cookbook and you’ll be inspired with recipes such as Classic Macaroni and Cheese, Baked Cheese Grits, Old-Fashioned Sugar Cream Pie, Perfect Roast Turkey, and more!

Try your hand at homemade bread with the recipes found in Mother Earth News Bread. With recipes such as Indian Fry Bed, Campfire Dutch Oven Biscuits, Cast-Iron Skillet Pizza Crust, Greek Country Bread, and more, you’ll be able to find a new favorite bread recipe that will leave people asking, “How did you make that?”

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