Gain access to years of GRIT content and enjoy a durable tumbler to keep your drink fresh!

GRIT Tumbler
Upgrade your old mug with our GRITGrit brand insulated tumbler! No more watered-down iced tea or lukewarm coffee. The 20-ounce stainless steel tumbler features a double wall with a copper lining to keep liquid hot for five and a half hours and liquid cold for 24 hours. With a copper-colored base and GRIT logo, this tumbler is just as distinctive as it is handy. Go easy on your wallet and the environment by ditching the plastic and plastic foam cups. Whether you’re out fishing, in the office, or just on the go, this tumbler will keep your drink just as fresh as when you first poured it.

2006-2017 Archive USB
We have compiled 12 years of GRIT, bringing you all the best information to help you get the most out of living out where the pavement ends, and utilizing using your backyard in town …delivered on a flash drive that plugs into the USB port on your favorite device. Questions about backyard chickens? No problem, use our search function to bring up all of GRIT's relevant content! Whether cooking, crafting, woodworking, small-scale farming, gardening, livestock, pets, or canning and freezing are on your mind, we have you well covered!

As publishers, it’s our privilege to bring you content designed to help you get the most out of your lifestyle. By bringing together a diverse collection of articles and illustrations, we get the chance to share our vast archives with you, and to celebrate the work that you, our treasured readers, have enabled us to accomplish through the years.

Today, as we forge ahead into a new and uncharted media landscape, we continue to invest in ways to deliver the most relevant and valuable content in the most efficient and innovative formats. This digital archive (updated with 2017 content) contains more than 9,200 articles formatted for optimal viewing on computers. From articles on growing the best heirloom tomatoes and which types of chickens you should raise, to stories that will help you choose the right machinery the first time, help with maintenance, and show you how to choose and build fencing, and so much more …you’ll find it all here! In addition to the ability to search the entire archive or browse by each month and year, the interface contains enhanced search features.

Search by:
• Date range
• Exact phrases and word combinations
• Entire flash drive content
• Headline only
• The content of each individual article
• Popular categories, such as DIY projects, backyard chickens, baking bread, creating the best garden soil, and so much more

We hope this digital archive provides you with endless hours of inspiring and practical advice as we continue our journey together.

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