In celebration of the holidays, we’re excited to bring you a wealth of resources to help you live a sustainable, rural lifestyle with the Country Living Archive Gift Set! This set includes the Grit 2006 -2017 Archive USB and the Grit Premium Country Resource Set. The Grit Premium Country Resource Set consists of: Guide to Chickens, 2nd Edition; Guide to Frugal Country Living; and Farmers Markets.

The Grit Archive brings you all the best information to help you get the most out of living out where the pavement ends, or utilizing your own backyard in town. Questions about backyard chickens? No problem, use the search function to bring up all of Grit’s relevant content! Whether cooking, crafting, woodworking, small-scale farming, gardening, livestock, pets, or canning and freezing are on your mind, we have you covered! And because the archive is a flash drive, you can take it with you and plug it into any USB port on your device.

This digital archive contains 9,200 articles formatted for optimal viewing on computers. In addition to the ability to search the entire archive or browse by each month and year, the interface contains enhanced search features.

The Grit Premium Country Resource Set is your go-to place for learning to living self-sufficiently and gaining the best advice for country living, including how to raise chickens, how to live frugally in the country, and how to make money from farmers markets. This set includes:

Grit Premium: Guide to Chickens, 2nd Edition

Grit has compiled the best of the best chicken articles from the past six editions of Grit Guide to Chickens into the newly updated and revised premium issue! This second edition features 112 pages of articles to get you tending your flock to the best of your abilities. With this premium issue, get advice from Grit flock owners, learn about a variety of chicken breeds, discover why and how a rooster crows, try delicious recipes for eggs and meat chickens, keep predators at bay, build a coop, and more.

Grit Premium: Guide to Frugal Country Living

Grit Premium: Guide to Frugal Country Living is 112 pages of articles that help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. Inside, you’ll find how to create your own home-based business, heat the homestead with wood, build a hoop house, feed a flock of chickens the easy way, learn more about cast-iron cookware, make your own soap, and so much more.

Grit Premium: Farmers Markets

Profit from your homestead with this brand-new premium issue of Grit! With Farmers Markets, learn how to: create a home-based business, break into your local farmers market, create a DIY personalized farm stand sign, become a beekeeper and grow lavender to make a profit, can jams and jellies for display at fairs, sell bread, soap, and birdhouses, and more! This 113-page issue contains 28 popular and relevant articles from Grit’s archives.

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